Immaculate Conception Parish School - Revere, MAThe learning environment at Immaculate Conception School combines intellectual and imaginative endeavors, anchoring abstract knowledge through hands on participation, shaping access to the curriculum through forms that ignite the passions and evoke the learning styles of individual students. Teachers not only encourage but model the joy of learning, a gift that students will carry with them through their learning career and into their adult lives. At Immaculate Conception School, the gift of learning is not defined just by the challenge and rewards of mastering specific skills and curricular materials, but by the development of a passion for learning nurtured and structured through a lifetime. Since 1913, Immaculate Conception School has nurtured a student’s unique intellectual and creative ability through teacher, parent and student input, as well as by celebrating those abilities as a Catholic learning community.

Immaculate Conception Parish School – Revere, MA

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