VERVAS Painting & Home Decor - Transform your home with new colorsWe are a family owned and operated interior and exterior painting and home décor company. Whether you want a home makeover to better fit your family’s style or you want to increase the value of your home, we are there to make your dreams come true.

Our experience in the real-estate industry combined with knowledgeable design trends, attention to details and our desire to bring your dream home to life is what sets us apart.

VERVAS Painting was born out of our passion and desire of creating a beautiful home for ourselves. Our story started with our own home renovation. Furthermore, a makeover of our home resulted in great returns when we decided to sell. The feedback we got from clients made us realize our work was appreciated and admired; so we decided to pursue our passion and help others realize their dream home.

VERVAS Painting & Home Decor

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