Mobile Friendly Websites

You had until April the 21st to make your website adapted for smartphone viewing.

As more and more people are using mobiles and smartphones to make internet searches, Google has decided that mobile friendly websites will be given priority  in their search engine positions as from April 21st 2015.Mobile Friendly Websites

A mobile friendly website is one that has been specifically optimized to be used on a mobile smart phone – that is the screen renders to fit the phone exactly, with no pinching or grabbing required.

As Google looks to delivery a better user experience to its customers, and taking into Account that over 50% of Google’s searches are carried out this way,  the search engine power house has prompted into action.

It doesn’t matter if you look at your Google Analytics account and deem that you get little traffic from mobiles, the change is happening and you need to embrace it to protect your search engine positions.

How do I know if my Website is mobile friendly?

There are two main ways to find out if your  website has been optimized for searching from a mobile.

Firstly you can search for your brand name in Google, from your own phone.

If your site has been optimized you will see the term “mobile friendly” in the search results.

The other option is to click on this link, and access Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

What to do if you don’t have a mobile website:

Contact us for A FREE QUOTE to fix the problem !

Please remember this is happening and will have an impact on your positions within Google’s search engine.

Mobile Friendly Websites

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