Facebook Can Improve Your Small Business Facebook Can Improve Your Small Business

Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of small business, recently reported more than 30 million Facebook pages are classified as active small business pages. Small businesses turn to Facebook because it does a great job in engaging customers and allowing them to promote themselves effectively. As a small business owner, you can learn some lessons from Facebook that will help you make your own site just as interesting for customers and profitable for you.

Leverage the Power of Multimedia

When you look at your Facebook feed, is your attention attracted to images and video clips? If the answer is yes, then you react like most people.

According to Sprout Social, people remember only 20 percent of what they read, but twice as much — 40 percent — of what they see visually. And since video is shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined, viewers spend 100 percent more time on pages with videos. So this is a great cue to take from the social network for your website.

If you want your site visitors to get interested in your content, make sure to use plenty of images and videos that will capture their attention and linger in their memory.

Let Your Customers Speak for You

The power of online reviews cannot be overestimated – 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Facebook has done a great job adding the ability for customers to share and request opinions about your small business on business pages.

Each review or remark has a lot of influence on potential buyers and should not be ignored by your small business. To display something similar to this on your website, integrate a web form for leaving comments, or even a Facebook comment box so your web visitors can share their great experience with your product or service.

Integrate Facebook Elements into Your Website

Facebook allows you to integrate many business page elements directly into your website. Perhaps one of the most important elements is the “Like” button, which allows people to share your website on their Facebook page in a single click.

More importantly, it shows them if they have any friends who have liked your page. An endorsement like this by a potential customer’s friends or family is powerful and encourages trust, which can ultimately lead to more sales for you.

If you regularly create engaging content, you might also consider integrating a Facebook comment box into your website. This not only gives your customers more access to your content, but also any comments made on your website may show up under your customer’s activity feed. This means anything they post gets pushed out to their entire Facebook network, resulting in a lot of great (and free) exposure for your brand.

Maintain Consistently Fresh Content

Your small business needs to take the spirit of content creation and sharing from Facebook and implement it into your website in the form of a blog, news page or any other section that is continually updated. Using some of the space on your website to provide frequent updates to visitors gives the impression of a lively and busy business, which attracts buyers and increases their confidence in your product.

As you go through the process of improving your website and engaging more on Facebook, make sure you think of these marketing efforts as continuous and try not to get bogged down with the specific possibilities and features of different platforms. Remember, you’re dealing with customers who use many different platforms to get their information, so make sure they can find you on their favorite platform, and that they get all the information they want with one easy click.

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How Facebook Can Improve Your Small Business Website
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